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About Us


To be a National well-known brand that is popularly known for animal care and love that empowers culture to humanizing the dogs. 


- To be residential preferred dog /animal care center. 

- To expand branches all over in Malaysia. 

- To create a community that practices the “Claw’s” culture in handling the dogs. 

Brand Story 

our inspirational story began when two founders from a complete different lifestyle and personalities got bounced to each other in one common goal in life and passion in dealing with animals, particularly dogs. 

With solid breath-taking experience coupled with certified intelligence, we  made a first us in living the dreams together as “Claws” that made the our humble beginning more meaningful. 

our pleasant approach touched many hearts and unique methods used to approach the animals were extraordinary that has led us where we are today. 

Today, Claws is no longer just a center of animal care, but also the preachers of a culture in showing love and care in a very friendlier way.

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